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Sleeping Dogs announced, trailer features Photek

Square Enix has announced the release of Sleeping Dogs, a Hong Kong-styled take on the Grand Theft Auto open-world formula, with an impressive live action trailer.

It features plenty of well-choreographed gunplay, martial arts, cleaver throws and general ass-kicking. It also uses, to full effect, the dubstep track “Sleepwalking” by Los Angeles producer Photek, with the vocals by down-tempo songbird LINCHE.

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WarRock’s Mass Effect 3 EP brings Nerdcore to the Citadel

Adam WarRock has released a free 5-track EP all about our favorite epic, sci-fi series, Mass Effect. It features the ill-rhymes suit for the bloody work of a Renegade.

The “ME3 EP” is full of impressive nerdcore lyrics and delivery, combined with great samples from Jay-Z, Cypress Hill, Handsome Boy Modeling School and more. You can download the EP over at Destructoid, where WarRock is also a community member.

The Memphis-based rapper, who previous rose to internet stardom with his hilarious hip-hop tribute to Parks & Recreation, is also an avid gamer, and apparently very excited for the upcoming release of the Mass Effect 3 demo, which goes live on February 14th.

Hopefully WarRock’s girlfriend is down to play some ME3 co-op, otherwise it’s going to be a lonely night.

Hit the jump to check out our track-by-track run through.

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