WarRock’s Mass Effect 3 EP brings Nerdcore to the Citadel

Adam WarRock has released a free 5-track EP all about our favorite epic, sci-fi series, Mass Effect. It features the ill-rhymes suit for the bloody work of a Renegade.

The “ME3 EP” is full of impressive nerdcore lyrics and delivery, combined with great samples from Jay-Z, Cypress Hill, Handsome Boy Modeling School and more. You can download the EP over at Destructoid, where WarRock is also a community member.

The Memphis-based rapper, who previous rose to internet stardom with his hilarious hip-hop tribute to Parks & Recreation, is also an avid gamer, and apparently very excited for the upcoming release of the Mass Effect 3 demo, which goes live on February 14th.

Hopefully WarRock’s girlfriend is down to play some ME3 co-op, otherwise it’s going to be a lonely night.

Hit the jump to check out our track-by-track run through.


Beats: “99 Problems” (Karaoke Version) by Jay-Z

“You used to have problems til the S.P.E.C.T.R.E. came / SPEcial Tactics and Reconnaissance, respect the name”

WarRock starts of the show in bombastic fashion with “S.P.E.C.T.R.E,” which features the metallic booms of “99 Problems.”

The track is quick, brutal and efficient, not unlike how a SPECTRE operates, with the chorus above bringing the braggadocios tone home. WarRock manages to capture what goes through the player’s mind as he or she becomes the first human S.P.E.C.T.R.E, essentially a black-ops agent for the multi-species galaxy.

You’re well-armed and ready to do some shady things, with some shadier characters. Shepard, respect the name.

Active Squad 

Beats: “The Hours” by Handsome Boy Modeling School

“Enter the Genophage / Wipe out these Renegades, they all just wanna fight / I’m only one who conversates”

Oh man. This track is utterly relentless, smacking you in the face like a charging Krogan blinded by blood rage.

“Active Squad” features the talent of Beefy, Mikal kHill, and Kabuto the Python, the latter of which is best known for his song “Those Minerals” off of The N7 EP.

I get chills down my spine when I hear the in-game dialogue samples strewn throughout the track. Accompanied by old-school, kung-fu horns, they remind me of something off of Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).

Bizarre Love Triangles

Beats: “La Petit Mort” by Kno

“You got a stern attitude, or a mask that keeps you just so far from where our bodies touch / That’s if I play it right, and hoping to take you to captain’s quarters tonight”

Fornicating with exotic alien species has always been an integral part of the Mass Effect series.

WarRock gets all sentimental with this track, reminiscing about his digital courtships with the series’ various romance options.

He, rather classily I might aid, interludes bits and pieces of the skin-bearing  moments the male or female Shepard may find themselves in, depending on which crew member the player chooses the pursue.

Oh Shepard, you sly dawg.

Mordin’s In the House

Beats: “16 Men ‘Til There’s No Men Left” by Cypress Hill

“Mordin Solus is a ruthless thug / Or maybe he does it all for love.”

Time to get a little weird. Using an appropriately funky beat, courtesy of Cypress Hill, WarRock weaves the bizarre and chaotic tale of Mordin Solus, one of my favorite characters from the entire series.

Mordin is a paradox. One moment, he’s just another odd-looking alien scientist with a nerdy penchant for talking fast. The next, he’s a cold, calculated killer haunted by a checkered past.

Mordin will end you using wit and intelligence, rather than brute force. He’s effectively the Walter White of the ME series.

Also, he loves him some Gilbert and Sullivan.

“Paragon | Renegade”

Beats: “S.C.O.M.” by Celph Titled

“And when then button is clicked, better face the mirror kid / That’s the person that you live with.”

WarRock ends the EP on a philosophical note, bearing the player’s struggle of maintaining a black-and-white understanding morality, in a universe filled with grey decisions.

He touches upon a theme that extends far beyond a simple musical tribute to a great game series.

For those that making in-game decisions based on what that individual who choose in real life,  moral decisions in games can truly touch on something primal.

As in real life, nothing is 100% good or bad, there is always an in between. So while that decision to forsake the lives of innocent civilians for the sake of the greater good may not necessarily be “real,” you were still the one who made that choice.


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