Since the Magnavox Odyssey first entered the unprepared households of 1972, video game music has evolved and expanded from the primordial ooze of bleeps and bloops, like a hungry Kirby. It’s a wide world out there, filled with whimsical orchestras, hypnotizing chiptunes, futuristic synths and even some dubstep.

start button Fm is a — possibly futile — attempt to discover and track the beasts of this ever-changing musical plane, both new and old. Whether it’s a classic production from a little-known basement composer, or a famous artist lending his or her hand at funky track, we’ll be listening.

So make sure to check back often for new music that will satisfy both the audiophile and gamer in you. And feel free to send us any requests and recommendations in our comments section.

Plug in and press play.


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