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Godspeed, Mr. Freeman

Youtube user SkipPrime has created this haunting music video, syncing the bleak visuals of Half-Life 2, using 100% in-game footage, to the apocalyptic tones of Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s “The Dead Flag Blues.”

According to Kotaku, SkipPrime “spent over 100 hours,” putting together this well-crafted montage.

The ominous song is a perfect compliment to the hopeless struggle of humans in City 17. The speaker describes a futuristic dystopia, where a corrupt government barely controls the chaos by drugging its citizens, teetering on the end of the world.

“We’re trapped in the belly of this horrible machine. And the machine is bleeding to death.” Continue reading


Dubstep & Game Trailers: End the trend

These days, it seems like every other new video game trailer comes packed full of “wubs and dubs,” while short-changing the audience on content.

Dubstep, the highly popular, bass-heavy electronic music genre, has been making frequent appearances in game trailers since the latter half of 2011.

As the “music” of the now-infamous Skrillex began frequenting more and more frat house ragers and crappy sushi bars, so did the gaming industry fall head-over-heels for the latest music trend.

By nature, it’s a high-energy, kinetic style of music that can make even the most mundane actions seem epic.

But this is one fad that needs to come to a swift end.

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